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Vehicle Rental - Scooters, Motorcycles, Four-wheels and Cars

High season: from December 15th to April 16th and from July 1st to August 31st. Low season: all other dates Decreasing price according to the rental period. - Scooters 3 different models low season: from 20 us $ / day high season: from 25 us $ / day - Motorcycles low season: from 30 us $ / day high season: from 35 us $ / day - Four-wheels low season: from 40 us $ / day high season: from 50 us $ / day - Polaris Buggy 800cc low season: from 85 us $ / day high season: from 105 us $ / day - Cars low season: from 40 to 100 us $ / day high season: from 50 to 105 us $ / day Different makes and models of cars: Toyota Yaris, Suzuki Swift, Daihatsu Terios, Jeep, Ford Escape, Chevrolet Aveo, etc. Delivery of cars to: El Catey (Samana), Las Americas (Santo Domingo) and Punta Cana, service possible for some models. ------------------------------ Circulate in the Dominican Republic 1 / The motoconcho Very fast, convenient, economical and popular but sometimes dangerous, motoconcho is the most used means of transport in the Dominican Republic. It is ideal to serve as a commissionaire. The price varies between 35 and 50 pesos per person. In the evening, prices tend to climb. The word "motoconcho" (moto-con-cho) according to the popular etymology, results from the sum of the following terms: "motorcycle" "with" "driver". 2 / The guaguas Generally minibuses or even vans do the trick for this cheap transport, very convenient for short trips and especially very folkloric. As in Cuba, in the Dominican Republic the term "guagua" means bus and is the term most commonly used. It is also used in the same way in Puerto Rico and the Canary Islands (Spain). There are several theories about the origin of the term, which seems to us the most credible: the first buses to circulate in Cuba were manufactured by Wa Wa & Co. Inc. (Washington, Walton and Company, Incorporated) . The company's logo was a white and red blue hare marked broadly on the front with the acronym "Wa-Wa & Co Inc". So phonetically it was "gua-gua"! 3 / The motorcycles It is suitable to discover a region such as the Samana peninsula but to avoid in the rainy season. However, we recommend being a biker to rent a two-wheeled machine. Do not improvise pilot, even if no one will refuse you a rental. Wearing a helmet is mandatory in the Dominican Republic even if, so to speak, no Dominican carries it, except to the capital. If you are a biker, it is better to bring yours because it is difficult to find a correct helmet in the hirers. 4 / Cars From three to four people, the car is an advantageous means of transport. The cheapest vehicle costs about $ 45 per day, and it costs about $ 65 / day for a cheap 4 × 4. Gasoline is almost as expensive as in Europe: it is served per gallon of 3.785 l, and comes back to about 1.20 us $ / l. If you want to go on an adventure, it is better to rent a 4 × 4, because, apart from the main roads, the secondary roads are very bad and almost always end in tracks, some being otherwise impassable other than in vehicle All Terrain. Check that this is a true 4 × 4 and not a 2 × 4 vehicle! Small rental companies, even legal ones, are rarely insured for material damage to vehicles, so you will have to pay for repairs, if any. Whatever the renter, before signing a contract, check the condition of the car without forgetting the spare wheel! 5 / Four-wheels This means of transport is very trendy especially on the coast. The rental price is almost the same as that of cars. You can certainly ride anywhere with a quad, even on the beaches, but it is strictly forbidden!